Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA Kobuleti

Luxury, Exclusiveness, Rejuvenation, Family holiday

Relieve the passages of your soul and body by promoting your inner immunity and self-healing ability. Ayurveda frees the trivial tensions, anxieties, and stresses that inevitably manifest in our muscles, tendons, bones, and imbalanced hormones.

Allow one of the longest practiced and progressed medicinal studies of Ayurveda to open your body to a replenishing wave of nutritious and positive blood flow that relaxes and re-calibrates your bodies systems.

Special accommodation packages are available for 3, 7, and 14 days including accommodation, where you begin with meeting your Ayurveda doctor to consul you on your individualized Ayurveda practice. You will have your own personal Ayurvedic diet and agenda tailored just to your liking and needs.

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