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Pamper Yourself At The Best Health & Wellness Center In Georgia

Get ready to escape into a blissful relaxing place, nourish the body & mind in our sensual spa and fitness club. At Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti, wellness is a way of leading a lifestyle. Our renowned health & wellness center in Georgia is driven by the simple belief that lasting beauty is more than just nourished skin. So the moment you step into our aromatic place, every sensation and positive vibe invites you to unwind. At our wellness center, you can explore a full range of body and beauty treatments to pamper yourself.


Enjoy A Revitalizing Spa Treatment

Beauty & Fitness at our wellness center in Georgia is a private retreat in the heart of Georgia for good health, ultimate relaxation and forever well-being. We offer a specialized treatment with our experienced therapist and featuring an array of beauty treatments with top brands for facials and services, including hydro-colon therapy, holistic massages, healing therapies and Aromatherapy for body treatments. Moreover, our urban spa lounge including amenities like Solarium, Jacuzzi, and steam room transport our esteemed guest to an oasis of relaxation.


Immerse Yourself into The World Of Fitness Freaks

Our exclusive open gym allows our guests to exercise in an airy, spacious environment with splendid views of Georgia. Our world-class gym equipment is suitable for all fitness exercises, with cardiovascular equipments and core muscles strengthening accessories. Booking a spa treatment service at Georgia’s best health & wellness center allows you to truly relax, feel rejuvenated and ease the city stress away.


Only wellness center in Georgia that is offering result oriented care for the entire period of the treatment package.

Without its own separate voice, your body’s health is silently yearning for support, so we learned to speak with it, to figure out just what it needs.

Our Self Love program begins prior to your arrival to the hotel with an in-depth physical assessment, including a safe, hygienic, and painless blood test to perfectly design the program that is specific to your body’s needs as well as a three day detox diet.

Upon arrival, you will consult with your own personal Nutritionist Doctor to design the diet that fits your goals while keeping your health as our utmost priority .  Followed by an appointment with our Wellness Director to design a program that is flawlessly designed for cleansing, strengthening, relaxing, and extending the resilience of the beauty of your body, fit to your personal objectives.

This program goes on even after your departure of the hotel, with a maintenance diet as well as a set of high class cosmetic products to enhance results

We provide you with all of the right resources, at the right times. Mixing all of the best training, treatments, and deep relaxation experiences to arrive at the optimized and original you, making your body glow with appreciation from the inside and out.

Our Self Love accommodation packages range from 3, to 7, to 14 days and will include access to the spa, pre-arrival diet, program-diet and post-diet, maintenance cosmetic products, treatments, and great results.


Through all of the coffee, travelling, long work hours, and city life, our skin can only do so much against the unnatural forces working against our health.

Take some time to clean and refresh this one and only shell of yours.

Because the cleaner, more hydrated, and polished skin will last longer, look better, hold stronger, and shine brighter.

We are offering special accommodation packages of 3, 7 and 14 days. Which include accommodation, anti-oxidant diet and a complete beauty program.

Upon arrival you enter your arrival Forever Beauty appointment to define the most appropriate treatments for your skin.

The results are noticeable.


Find your literal balance, sweat it out, feel the burn, motivate, meditate, and sharpen your focus.

Yoga unites your strength and wisdom during your practice which will be led by our Master Yogi.

Put your friends, family, and workers to the spiritual test.

We offer special retreat accommodation for a minimum of 10-person groups and a maximum of 20 people.   Specific dates will be announced soon

Varying from 3, to 7, to 14-day retreats which include accommodation, yoga focused diet, daily yoga sessions, meditation, and motivational gatherings.

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