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Sanus Per Aquam (SPA) - "Health Through Water". Georgia Palace Hotel SPA Center offers the variety of programs specially made for men, women and for couples. In order to restore internal strength and spiritual balance, it is enough to spend a few hours in Pure SPA center to be shiny and pretty for the whole next week!

Our spa center allows you to live with healthy lifestyle. Swim in open and indoor pool,  visit the fitness center, where you can get a fitness instructor service as well.

Fitness Center

Physical activity is a great challenge in a modern life. Nowadays The modern lifestyle is full of office works, sitting with the computer NON STOP, moving with a comfortable car, sitting and watching TV and so on. According to that, people need to be more active, to do more sport activities to maintain their health and be in good physical shape.

Our fitness center offers different types of gym equipment. Here you can get special training programs from our professional fitness instructor: programs for body shapes & muscles, recommendations about healthy food intake etc.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga is the concept of Indian culture, with main idea of the combination of spiritual and physical exercises. The primary goal of Yoga is self-realization.

Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Center offers the following types of yoga: Hatha - (Power), Laila - (Open Mind), Kundalini (self-determination), Tantra and so on.

Meditation - This is a way of peace and regular practice, stress-relief, strength and muscle boosting, focus on the workout and visualize your results easily.

Meditation can also be useful in a medical way, which positively reflects on your fitness achievements. Fortunately, there are mini-mediation practices for any time and place, so you do not have to spend half an hour on a mammoth carpet.

Alternative breathing

Deep breathing is an integral part of meditation and yoga. As soon as you learn the right breath, your body will remove tension and will not prevent you do more sport activities. Think about it as the body and the brain intensive work.

Active listening

There are so many different sounds around you; it is difficult to filter them out.  If we can effort not to listen them, we may feel strongly calm, even when we talk. Active listening has many advantages. It helps you relax your body and avoid undesirable sounds. This will give you the great force of concentration when you work on something or doing exercises and breathing is the leading point.

Image of the whole body

Quite often, people feel tense in certain parts of the body, so that they do not have a full sense of it. Over time, such symptoms as headache, shoulder pain or neck tension may become chronic disease. We should control it regularly to help and avoid it. The best part is that even a little meditation can have a great result.

We offer both individual and group classes.

Swimming and aqua-aerobics

Fitness in water, including swim and aqua-aerobics.  During 1 hour, you burn between 400 to 500 calories and you can easily lose weight. Water has about 12 times more resistance than air, so it is a best way to strengthen muscles.

Exercise in water is ideal for those who suffer from excess weight. Because in water, you feel only 10% of your body weight, which makes exercising more easy and pleasant.

The water exercises are also ideal for those who suffer from joints pain and spine pain. Swimming and water exercises are strengthening muscles, reducing the need of pain pills. Therefore, doctors often prescribe these procedures.

Aqua-aerobics will improve your mood and are ideal for those who suffer from mild depression, fibromyalgia or stress. In chronic venous insufficiency, aqua-aerobics significantly reduces symptoms such as swelling, pain and discomfort.

In summer, many people refuse exercises because physical activity is much harder in hot. Here is the way out of the exercise in the water, without sweating.

We have proposed all kinds of activities at Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa. It will be aerobics, aqua-aerobics or swimming lessons.

All the packages offered by Spa Center can be found below.

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